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Scene Title: Amnesiac Cock

Storyline: Nurse Nikki Benz is Charles' designated nurse. While he's in a coma, she suddenly gets a craving for cock and starts blowing him off! Which miraculously wakes him up! In a state of amnesia, Charles can't remember a thing. Nikki takes advantage of the situation by posing as his girlfriend as she tries to bring back good memories...

Doctor: Nikki Benz

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What people are saying about: Nikki Benz - Amnesiac Cock doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

Nikki's acting was not so good, but her fucking (as usual) was very good indeed. Her acting is usually much better, but I will forgive a less than stellar acting performance in order to watch her fuck. The reverse cowgirl looked great here and was very strokeworthy. The outfit was a little too"halloweeny" although she looked great in it. She is still one of my favorites and I will watch every scene of hers that Brazzers releases.

Comment #2

This is the worst Nikki Benz scene on Brazzers. Hate her boob job, they look too big on her. Gotta keep them a realistic size if your going to get implants. The costume was lame, too fantasy looking for me. Charles in a coma is always a good thing, bad thing is he always wakes up. The sex was average at best. The build up acting sucked as well, Nikki just did not come off as a nurse. Just another chick with scarred up tits. Save these scenes for the new Brazzers site coming soon; Scarred Tits Like It Big. 6/10.

Comment #3

I thought that was so so GREAT and her breasts do look bigger which is all that she needed. Definately one of the best in the biz. The outfit was fantastic but the guy is right it's too flashy for the doctor adventures scene. Would love to see one of them old school outfits long tight skirt and the works with Star's fine ass filling it.

Comment #4

This was good, but not as good as the original with my baby RoxXx. Every scene with Nikki is straight cash, so I have no problem there. The story was pretty funny how she pretended to be his g/f, and Dera played confused cat good too. lol when he said "those ring a bell". However I do have a problem with this doctor adventures scene. You guys go and make the entire set realistic, to the bed to the hospital room and everything and then Nikki looks like she's dressed for Halloween with that stupid ass "sexy nurse" costume. Don't get me wrong, she looks great in it, but it's just assinine to have everything else seem real then have her wear a silly unrealistic outfit like that. Might as well have Dera just lay there in jeans in a t-shirt in a regular bed if you''re going to do that.

Comment #5

Nikki, I only read part of what some idiots said, but I love your blonde hair and fake tits. That's the whole reason I watch porn. My wife sure doesn't have blonde hair and fake tits like yours. You fulfill the fantasy which is the whole purpose for most of us watching porn. Keep on keeping on. YOU ROCK!!! s

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